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These terms and conditions are translated to English. Any questions arising with respect to the nomenclature shall be determined by the local language.


We make an individual assessment of each company and the premium depend on the company’s financial status and the size of the guarantee. Premiums

The following are the minimum premiums for open-ended guarantees. This applies when the calculated premium on the required guarantee is lower than the minimum premium.

  • SEK 5 000 for members of the Nordic associations of travel agents and tour operators
  • SEK 7 000 for non-members

Example: The cost of the premium for an open-ended guarantee (which runs on a yearly basis) of SEK 100 000, for which the premium is 2,50 %, will be SEK 5 000 for an SRF-member and not SEK 2 500. 

For time-limited guarantees the minimum premium is SEK 1 000.

Example: A tour operator has an open-ended guarantee of SEK one million for which it pays a premium of 2,50 %, i.e. SEK 25 000. During the year, the company receives an instruction from the regulating authority, Kammarkollegiet, to increase the guarantee during July-August with a further SEK 100 000. With a premium rate of 2,50 %, the premium for this two month period amounts to SEK 417, but Vector debits the minimum premium of SEK 1 000.

There are no additional fees, for registration or otherwise.

As far as is possible, depending on the company’s financial status, no other collateral or counter-securities are required.