According to a contract between Vector Nordic AB, reg.No 559006-0496, and Gar-Bo Försäkring AB, Vector, as a tied insurance broker, mediates payment guarantees, for Gar-Bo. Vector Nordic AB is registered as a tied insurance broker with the Swedish Companies Registration Office (swe. Bolagsverket). Information regarding the registration can be obtained from: Bolagsverket, 851 81 Sundsvall or

Insurance mediation is regulated through the Act on Insurance Mediation (swe. Lag (2005:405) om försäkringsförmedling), Regulation on Insurance Mediation (swe. Förordning (2005:411) om försäkringsförmedling) and under the Regulations and General Guidelines issued by Sweden’s financial supervisory authority (swe. Finansinspektionens föreskrifter och allmänna råd om försäkringsförmedling (FFFS 2005:11)).

Gar-Bo Försäkring AB is liable for pure economic loss suffered by a customer, an insurer, or any party upon whom the customer’s right devolves, as a result of Vectors intentional or negligent disregard of its obligations pursuant to the Act on Insurance Mediation, Section Chapter 5, section 4

Vector receives remuneration for its mediation by commission, paid by Gar-Bo, and which is a part of the premium. The premiums are determined in the way described under Guarantees/Conditions on this website.


Our customers are our most valuable assets and our ambition is that all customers shall be satisfied with our services. Should you, nevertheless, not be satisfied with our handling of a matter, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible.


The CEO of Vector Nordic AB is responsible for the handling of complaints

Jaana Alenius
+46 8 448 45 91

Östermalmstorg 1
114 42 Stockholm

If your complaint regards a simple error or misunderstanding, we will correct it as soon as possible. If we cannot respond to your complaint within 14 days of receipt of the complaint, you will be notified and get information on our continued handling of the complaint.

Vector Nordic is a tied insurance intermediary of Gar-Bo Försäkring AB. Your complaint might therefore be forwarded to this company for further handling.

Complaints should be in writing with a specification of what you are not satisfied with. Necessary documentation should be attached as well as information on whom you have been in contact with and when.